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Throughout the week on Capitol Hill, there’s been an added emphasis put on many trucking issues, right before the initial meeting of the House Transportation and Infrastructure Committee. A couple of operators had been in town before while the founding council members of a new organization, also known as the CDL Drivers Unlimited (CDLDU) which is known as well as a new organization. That being, a for-profit alliance that had been created from advocates’ frustration with grassroots efforts having backtracker for beyond a decade. As it stands, now, membership within the CDLDU is going to allow for $15 a month or $150 a year.

The alliance has been meant to advocate for proper funding of the effort while working ewith concentration towards the founding council member drivers in order to help the group lift off the ground within the span of the last years. The CDL Drivers Unlimited will hope to create a community that shows support in operators who need help with fuel-price discounts and training certifications. The CDLDU Driver’s Rights committee has been making sure the trip to the D.C. All while the organization had been pushing towards meeting with legislators and regulators alike.

In the past, Lisa Schmitt had asked for an exemption from parts of the hours of service with an effort to push for more conversation regarding the need for greater flexibility. The trip to D.C. had been the original push for newer connections with potential business members. There’s a general message that had less to do with concern and more to do with the message conveyed to the CDLDU, as there’s the beginning of what the group is wishing to ongoing conversations with the need to give solutions to problems.

As assisting website, CDL Drivers & Friends, allows for supporters to join, membership-free, for a wide array of of resources and information to allow for the interests of professionals around transportation and trucking all around. Resources that are available for paid members may touch upon fuel discounts/management, back-office accounting and dispatch, and quality of life/medical, plus many more.

The CDLDU themselves think that CDL holders could benefit from the circumstance as there’s plenty that can improve the industry from the inside out.

The energy dissipates via the CDLDU while the CDL-holder paid membership has joined in combination with CDL Drivers & Friends support members while the organization allows for a chance to let regulators and legislators being representative of the community as wide as 150K CDL holders. There’s likely to be more realistic engagement from legislative offices as the group in particular had chosen to meet with around 20 in all. The four council members in DC have all been busy hauling their own independent businesses.

These changes for the industry are for the good of the CDL in general. All while there’s the newest changes that can occur for current CDL-holders. The FMCSA is confident that there would be new updates for the CDL-holders that can advance their businesses. Life would truly be easier for everyone involved.

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