FMCSA Announces 25% UCR Fee Increase for 2025

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On Monday, June 17, the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) announced a final rule to increase the fees for the Unified Carrier Registration (UCR) Plan and Agreement by 25% for the 2025 registration year and beyond. This follows a proposal made in January.

For one-truck owner-operators, the fee increase means an additional $9 each year. Large fleets with more than 1,000 trucks will see a rise of $9,000 in their fees compared to 2024. This hike comes after the fees had been reduced by an average of 37.3% over the past two years.

The FMCSA explained that this increase is necessary to address a shortfall in revenues due to the previous fee reductions. The UCR Plan’s board recommends fee adjustments to the Secretary of Transportation when there’s a revenue shortfall or surplus compared to the authorized amount. By raising the fees, the FMCSA aims to generate $13 million to cover the shortfall from the last two years and ensure that state revenue entitlements are met.

Several commenters on the January proposal sought clarification on how the fees are used, while others felt the adjustment was unwarranted or unexpected. In response, the FMCSA stated that the fees are allocated to participating states to fund motor carrier safety programs and enforcement.

They also emphasized that this is the first upward adjustment since 2010 and considered it to be within a reasonable range.

The FMCSA acknowledged concerns about the impact of the fee increase on small businesses. They assured that even for small carriers, the fee hike would represent a minimal percentage of their income. For example, operators with 1-2 trucks will pay $9 more annually, while those with 3-5 trucks will pay $27 more. The agency believes that this small increase will not significantly affect the viability and longevity of motor carriers’ operations.

In summary, the FMCSA is finalizing a 25% increase in UCR fees for 2025 to compensate for revenue shortfalls caused by prior fee reductions. This adjustment is aimed at maintaining the proper functioning of motor carrier safety programs and ensuring sufficient funds for state revenue entitlements. Despite concerns, the FMCSA assures that the increase will have a minimal financial impact on small carriers.

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