Knowing Your Trucking Options: Temporary Permits vs. IFTA and IRP

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Different trucking permits can get confusing, so let us help!
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Are you new to the realm of trucking and trying to wade through the seemingly endless list of permits you are required to have in order to operate legally? Well no worry, that’s what we here at Trip Fuel Permits are here for! When it comes to the permits regarding your mileage and/or fuel use, we are the most knowledgeable company out there! 

So, have you heard of the IFTA, IRP, and/or temporary trip and fuel permits?

If not, let us explain! The IFTA is the international fuel tax agreement and is a permit that allows you to operate interstate business and just pay one individual fuel use tax which will be distributed to all of the states you travel in! The IRP is the International Registration Plan. This is an agreement amongst most of the United States and Canada that allows you to travel interstate for your business and a portion of your registration fees will be distributed proportionally among the states you travel in, based on the amount of miles you drove in each state. 

Temporary permits are essentially temporary, individualized versions of these two permit types! Temporary fuel permits are temporary versions of the IFTA and temporary trip permits are temporary versions of the IRP. The IFTA and IRP are each permits that last for a year and just require reapplication to maintain. Temporary permits only last for the duration of a specific trip. 

Which permit type you should get ultimately depends on your business practices. 

If you tend to stay just within your state, doing primarily intrastate business, you likely do not need to bother with the IFTA or IRP. In the case that you do operate outside of your state, you can simply apply for the temporary permits and be all set and ready to go. You also likely will not benefit from applying for the IFTA and IRP if you only operate within one other state. The two permits are best and most required for operating in multiple states around the country or Canada. 

With that said, if you do tend to operate interstate very often, and do so in multiple jurisdictions, you would greatly benefit from the IFTA and IRP. You would save money in the long run and be making smarter business choices. 

If you are still unsure which permit type would be best for your business, feel free to give us a call and we can talk through your options more with you!

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