Should I Get Permits or IRP and IFTA Credentials?

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Without IRP or trip permits, you'd have to get all these plates!
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One of the biggest questions facing truckers is whether they should get permanent IRP and IFTA credentials or temporary permits. Permanent registration with IRP and IFTA can make their lives easier under certain circumstances, but they may not be cost-effective. Trip and fuel tax permits, on the other hand, provide a cheaper, yet temporary, alternative. So which one should you choose?

IRP and IFTA credentials simplify your life in the long run.

Truckers always have a base state where their truck is registered and where they conduct a fair amount of their operations. If you regularly leave your base state to haul commercial goods, then you’re going to want to purchase permanent credentials. The great thing about IRP and IFTA is that, over time, they pay for themselves many times over. Once they get IRP and IFTA, interstate truckers don’t have to worry about compliance issues or purchasing permits every time they leave their base state. Every time they leave their base state, their truck’s registration will be recognized and their fuel taxes will be properly distributed across the states they travel through. This way, IRP and IFTA save you time as well as money in the long run.

Temporary permits are best for intrastate truckers.

IRP and IFTA are great for truckers who leave their home state many times over the course of a year. But what about truckers who mostly operate within their own state? For these truckers, it won’t be cost-effective to buy IRP and IFTA credentials. They will be too expensive for the amount of times that they leave their home state. These truckers need trip and fuel tax permits. Trip and fuel tax permits offer a cheaper, temporary alternative for truckers that are only going to leave their base state a few times per year. With these permits, your truck will be covered for a little while while you make your trip. You’ll pay a flat fee and won’t have to bother with filing your fuel and registration taxes at the end of the year. Simplicity and affordability are the main benefits of trip and fuel tax permits.

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