The Best Truck Stops in the USA

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America has a lot of wide open space for you to drive through. This is a large part of what makes the country so beautiful. However, when you’re out on the road, sometimes the only thing you want to see is a nice place to rest for a while. has experience finding the best truck stops for all drivers, and we’d love to share our knowledge with you. Here are just three of the best truck stops in the country.

Iowa 80

Walcott’s Iowa 80 is a legendary truck stop for a reason. Known for being the largest truck stop in the world, Iowa 80 delivers with its massive capacity. With parking space for over 1,000 vehicles, including around 900 spots for tractor trailers, Iowa 80 provides the peace of mind that whenever you go here, you won’t have to struggle to find parking. But that’s not all! Iowa 80 also boasts impressive infrastructure for truckers on the long haul. With a dentist, chiropractor, and hairstylist all available for truckers, it’s no wonder that Iowa 80 is one of the most famous truck stops in America.

Big Apple Travel Center

No, it’s not located in New York City. On I-44 in Joplin, Missouri, the Big Apple Travel Center has risen to the top of truckers’ truck stop lists for its excellent location and food. The stop boasts a renowned Indian restaurant, Rasoi, that provides truckers with some healthy variety from their usual road fare. Its list of amenities is extensive too, from free WiFi to high-quality showers. And, the Big Apple donates some $18,000 of its revenue every year to local charities, so you can shop there knowing that you’re supporting a company with good ideals. For a nice breath of fresh air, stop at the Big Apple.

Little America

Not all of the best truck stops are located in Middle America! Little America, which has multiple Western locations, earns its place on this list due to its overnight amenities. Each of the Little America locations has its own dedicated hotel for truckers to rest overnight, refueling themselves after refueling their vehicles. The truck stop’s facilities are open 24 hours a day, meaning you can operate on your own schedule. The Flagstaff, AZ location gets special notice for the beautiful pine forest that surrounds the stop, giving you a nice dose of natural beauty to relax with. Little America is a great place to take a long rest.

Of course, the best truck stop is often the one closest to you. If you need a break on the road, use our truck stop finder to find the best one on your route!

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