Brake Safety Week Increases Inspections

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Brakes will receive increased scrutiny through Saturday.
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The Commercial Vehicle Safety Alliance’s efforts to make American roads safer continue this week with a new inspection push. On Sunday, the CVSA’s Brake Safety Week began. During this week, inspectors will take extra care to check the brake systems on large vehicles like semi-trucks and buses. They will send their findings to the CVSA, which will compile the data and release it this fall.

The CVSA heads this initiative every year. In its announcement of the dates of this year’s edition, it noted that brake-related violations are the number one reason why vehicles are put out of service. During its International Roadcheck, a three-day inspection and enforcement push the agency puts on every year, brake-related violations accounted for nearly 40% of all violations that put vehicles out of service. Given that brake system problems are the third-most common vehicle-related factor in fatal crashes of large trucks, it’s no wonder why the CVSA wants to ensure compliance with brake safety regulations.

Brake Safety Week began on Sunday and will run through Saturday, August 27th. The U.S., Canada, and Mexico are all participants.

Brake Safety Week shows how small mechanical failures can be deadly.

During this week, inspectors have been instructed to take special care while looking at the brakes on commercial vehicles. They will keep their eyes out for a variety of violations in the complicated brake systems that large vehicles use. Among these violations are issues like non-manufactured holes, cracks, and issues with the air pressure in a brake system. Inspectors will also ensure that the vehicle’s internal warning system and sensors work properly. After all, if these systems fail, it could take a long time before a driver is aware of something wrong with their vehicle.

At, we appreciate the work that the CVSA does for this event every year. We feel as though this annual event reflects our commitment to safety compliance. We hope that this week shows drivers just how serious even small problems with their vehicle can be.

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