STEP – 1

Provide Business info
Input Business Information Examples
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First, before you even start the permitting process, you’ll need to create an account with us! Getting an account is easy. Just give us your name, email, and the states you want to get permits for. We’ll set up an account for you so that you can easily manage your permits and access them from one convenient location. You’ll be able log in easily next time with your account’s credentials, and you’ll be able to get new permits even faster!

After you’ve set your account up, you’ll be taken to our Trip and Fuel Tax Permit Dashboard. Then it’s time to get your permits! Click on “Apply for a Permit” to get started with the permitting process. First, choose which permits you would like. If you’ve just created a new account, this information should fill in for you. Then, we’ll need your company name, USDOT number and Tax-ID number (EIN). If your business is a sole proprietorship, we’ll need your Social Security Number (SSN) instead of an EIN.

We’ll also ask for a name, email address, and phone number for a contact at the company. This allows us to get in touch with you easily if any problems come up during the process. Finally, we’ll need your company’s physical and mailing addresses. Once you’ve entered all of that, you can click “next” to move onto the second step!

STEP – 2

Submit your Vehicle Info
Input Vehicle Information Example
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Next, we’ll need information about your vehicle. This is the meat of the permitting process. Every state requires certain information about vehicles so they can identify the vehicles quickly and make sure that they are permitted properly. Don’t worry, we’ve sorted out what information you need to have handy by this point and we’ll only ask you for information we actually need.

You will have to provide your vehicle’s vehicle identification number (VIN), unit number, license plate number, and base state. We’ll also need its make, model, year, the number of axles it has, the type of vehicle it is, what kind of fuel it uses, its total Gross Vehicle Weight (GVW), and color. Some states will require you to enter further information. The states with weight-distance taxes, for example, will require you to enter route information; namely, we’ll need the highway you will be traveling on when you enter the state and your final destination. If you’re just passing throuh one of these states, we’ll need the highway you’ll be traveling on when you exit. With this, we can calculate the number of miles you’ll travel in the state and give you an accurate price.

Whew! That’s a lot of information. You’ll have to enter all of this information for each truck you need permits for. Once that’s all sorted out, click “Next” to review your permits. Here, you’ll want to make certain that all of the information present is correct, especially the start date and time. We cannot issue refunds for these permits once one of our agents has begun the filing process, so be sure to check everything thoroughly before you click “Next” to move onto payment.

STEP – 3

Pay and apply for Trip & Fuel Tax Permit
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The final part of the permitting process is the easiest. All you need to do now is give us a credit or debit card to charge and we’ll send you your permits! We accept all major credit cards and process payments instantly, cutting down even further on the time you’ll spend waiting. We’ll also need your billing address to complete the transaction.

Before you can submit your order, you’ll need to initial and sign a few things for us. There’s a link to our terms and conditions on this page; we encourage you to read through them entirely so you know what you are agreeing to.

Once you’ve confirmed that your payment information is correct and you’ve signed off on our terms, go ahead and hit submit! We’ll send you a receipt and your permits to the email address provided. You can also view previous orders and your truck information (which we save for easy purchasing later) on our permit dashboard. After that, feel free to check out some of our other services, such as help with your 2290 form or all things DOT. is the industry leader in trip and fuel tax permitting! Have a question or want your quote now? Call us today to get a free quote for all your permit needs: (800) 217-7840